4th Annual friscosucks day - Saturday September 29th

Bonds rookie card
Barroids rookie card

Pitchers and catchers report in just a few days, and as luck would have it, a frisco fan from Chino decided to send us a letter.  Check it out (my comments in blue):

From:   Michael Walsh


This may not be grammatically perfect, but hopefully we can focus on the content and not the format. (Translation:  I don't write well, and coherent thought is not my strong suit, so let me apologize for my idiocy up front.)
Speaking of unoriginal comments and hearing the same crap all the time, way to reference homosexuality and BALCO!!!  No SF fan has EVER heard comments like those!  (You got me on the homosexuality thing...it's far from original and for some of your fans it isn't even true.  However, the BALCO comments are accurate and appropriate.  Your franchise will forever by marred by the BALCO influence.  The sooner you get used to it, the better you'll be.)  You are amazing. (Finally, a frisco fan gives credit where credit is due) No one believes that Bonds didnít take Performance enhancing drugs.  (Sadly, about 3 years ago it was very difficult to get a frisco fan to admit Bonds took steriods.  The arguments ranged from..."steroids don't help your eyesight", to "steroids make you too bulky to hit the ball".  Then we found out Barry took Human Growth Hormone (improved eyesight) and a carefully administered designer steroid cocktail designed to speed recovery after strenuous workouts (prevented too much mass)).  No one thinks he is a very nice guy.  He is however, the best player of his generation.  There can be no argument on this point.  700 HRs, 500 SBs, the most MVPs and, far and away, the most IBBs.  (Isn't it ironic that you cite Barry's steroid inflated numbers to try and prove your point?  Without PED's he doesn't achieve any of the numbers you referenced)  In the era of PEDs he was still head (large and bulbous) and shoulders (albeit acne filled) above the rest.  Are you thinking Gagne didnít take steroids?  A crappy starter who, all of a sudden one year could throw 100mph?  (We will miss 'Game Over' in 07 and it will be strange to see him in a Rangers uniform.  At least he didn't go to a division rival like Jason Schmidt did!  Hope you enjoy seeing Schmidt in Dodger Blue this season.)  how about Sheffield?  Did you enjoy rooting for him?  (Sheffield is an ass, and it was a shame he played for the Dodgers.  At least we had the sense to cut him loose after 3 seasons.  Meanwhile, you have been supporting Barry and his asinine behavior for 15 years.  Congrat on supporting a jackass who never brought you a World Series ring.)  Because he is involved in BALCO too.  No team is safe, so donít crutch around on the drug issue.  
How can you ignore that LA fans in large part DO show up late and leave early?  What does that say about your fan base?  You canít just shrug that off.  One of my good friends is a Dodger fan and he even hates LA fans who act in typical LA fashion.  I mean if one of the most populous cities in the nation canít support one professional football team, what does that say about the fan base? (My guess is that means we don't support the NFL.  I have no idea what that last comment has to do with a baseball discussion, especially when Dodger fans regularly surpass the 3 million mark in attendance annually.  We even hit 3 million in 2005 when we only won 71 stinking games!  Do you realize the giants fans only surpassed the 2 million mark in attendance in 1993 when they won 103 games?  Other than that, they never passed 2 million in attendance until they moved into PacBell ball park.  I guess that means Dodger fans show up late, but frisco fans don't show up at all!  Reference:  friscoresults)
Correct my grammar and punctuation if you must, but at least be more original than the people you are making fun of for not being original.  (How's this for originality?  The year you won 103 games, do you remember what happened on the last day of the season?  Mike Piazza hit 2 HR's at Dodger stadium and we knocked the giants out of the playoff race!  Your team won 103 games and didn't even make the playoffs.)

Chico (No, not Chino. There is no prison here.), CA

Well, it's mid-May and the hate mail continues to come in from frisco fans.  Our most recent submission comes from Aidan, a passionate barry-lover with a 4th grade education.  He is able to spell correctly and form complete sentences, so we're posting his email (with our comments in blue).

 From:   Aidan Compton    

First of all, suck my balls you queephy dodger fuck. (let's ignore the obvious homosexual overtones for a moment and focus on the text here...this guy had all the time in the world to craft his message and the only adjective he can come up with is 'queephy'? is that even a word?)  If dodger fans are so great than how come they dont show up until the third inning and leave in
the 7th at Chavez Shithole. (whoops...Aidan forgot the his punctuation rules.  But, nevermind the missing question mark for a moment, let's just say this is the most unoriginal comment sent in by a frisco fan.  What's next, comments about our bad traffic and smog?  Aidan, we hear the same crap all the time, to which I say, it's better to be late to heaven (Chavez Ravine) than early to hell (BALCO Ballpark).  Your website is bullshit and its going to be a sad day for you and all of your other poser ass fans when the giants shit on the old blue and white. So fuck you and your panzy ass cause. (blah, blah, blah) And as for barry. (Fragment sentence.  Forget what I said about Aidans ability to complete a sentence)  He won 3 mvps before any of these so called allegations, that makes him an elite player before any of this made up bullshit. If barry bonds did steroids than how come not one shred of physical evidence has been recovered. (Are you really stupid enough to think Bonds didn't take steriods?  I guess the answer to that is a resounding YES) So fuck you (Still more homosexual advances)

-members of the coalition For the eradication of los AnGeles professional Sports.

comments? please contact me at tim@friscosucks.com
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